Incoming Transfer Price $25.00

Multiple Firearms from the same dealer at the same time $10 additional each.

We offer firearm transfers; however, we ask that you check our prices first, perhaps we can offer you the same or better deal in most cases.

There is a $25.00 fee for transfer-in items, and $100 fee for most Class III items ($150 for Full Auto).

Once your gun or item arrives to our store you will need to fill out all necessary paperwork required for the processing of your transfer.

Please bring a valid state identification with photo, such as a drivers license or state ID card.

To begin the process, please contact us with the email address, business name, address, telephone number and or fax number from which the firearm will be shipped /or to which the firearm will be shipped, the firearm make and model.

Yes, we do Class III transfers, however with our inventory and pricing please be sure to purchase with us for an easier and faster acquisition.

For Class III items please contact us for more details since these can be handled in multiple ways and we will explain them if you are not already aware.

We want to make your transfers easy so if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Our Federal Firearms License is temporarily at this time under the name "The Enthusiast of Ohio LLC"

If you are using an online locator, be sure to feel safe that the listing as Enthusiast of Ohio is us and proceed with your transaction.

At this time we are in the process of filing for our  Manufacturing License and once that has been approved you will then see all listings permanently as Cleveland Armory.

Outgoing Transfers

Outgoing Transfers Starting at $40

Hand Guns $40, Long Guns $50, Price includes standard shipping, Packing cost and insurance may be additional.

We Buy and Sell on the most popular Auction Site.

We sell on the most locally popular Auction Site.

Finishes designed for the extraordinary.


We offer a wide variety of colors from mild to wild, including custom color mixes. Feel free to come talk to us about picking the right color for your gun.




Finishes by Cerakote.

More than just a assembling parts.


Let us put your parts on your gun the right way. Building an AR isn't as easy as it sounds. Installing sights requires expensive dedicated tools. Does your gun rattle? It went "click" but no "bang". What parts are really worth buying? These are the questions we deal with daily and can help you.



AR Builds

Whether its a trigger swap, handguard upgrade or a full on custom build, we can help you build the AR-15 you have always wanted. With a large variety of parts on hand, we can find what will help your AR reach its full potential.


Sight Installation

We have the tools to install sights on most popular handguns and rifles. We also have a excellent selection of different types of sights and can help you get the correct ones for your application. Please contact us for pricing for installation on your gun.


Malfunction Repairs

Malfunctions can be difficult to diagnose, don't throw money at unnecessary parts or wasted time on trial and errors, let us make it right and reliable.


Customizing for You

Not sure what you want but you are sure that you want it your way, that is what we do, we specialize in your needs, we build dream guns.


Do you know how to properly clean your handgun? Are you using the correct solvents, lube and brushes to be sure you don’t cause potential damage? Do you know what parts to check for wear and replacement? If you are second guessing any of these questions let us keep your handgun in top shape by using proper break down, safety checks, and cleaning techniques.

Prices as low as $20

Pistol cleaning $20, Long gun cleaning $30, Suppressor cleaning $15

guns that require extra time to disassemble usually $5 to $15 additional.


Step 1

We take apart your firearm either partially or fully depending on it's design to prepare it for thorough inside and out cleaning.

Step 2

A long bath in the Ultra-Sonic cleaner with the highest grade solvent from M-Pro 7.

For Aluminum parts we only use Aircraft quality cleaners.

Step 3

One more step in the thorough process of cleaning, mechanical hand scrubbing to remove any built up deposits or light rust.

Step 4

Final assembly, function check, and lubrication applied.

Frog Lube application $10 additional

Used Guns

We buy and sell used guns. 

Let us help you out by saving you the trouble of selling firearms legally.  If you're in the market for a great value, then check out our constantly changing inventory.

We buy Used Guns

Just as the title says, we buy used guns in just about any condition.  We know we offer the best prices in town.

Estate Sales

Sometimes you don't know what you have or what it is worth and you want to be sure to receive the best value for everything your loved ones have left behind.

Consignment Sales

If you want to get the most for your gun and are willing to wait for that right buyer, then let us save you the hassles of dealing with potential buyers and handle all the paperwork.

Class III NFA Dealer

Finding the right accessory for your gun can be very confusing, let us us help you make the right purchase.

Dealing with the ATF can be very confusing.  We will walk you through every aspect of the process.


Cleveland Armory carries many popular brands of silencers for rifles, pistols, .22s and shotguns. Stop in and to see why more and more people are purchasing suppressors for personal use.

Short Barreled Rifles (SBR)

We can help you buy or build a SBR that will fit your needs. From submachine guns to MK 18's we can get the perfect SBR for you.