CCW-Concealed Handgun License

This class is recommended for those wanting to learn basic fundamentals and use; certificates of completion are only necessary if you do decide to apply for your concealed license.

The course also meets all the requirements set by the State of Ohio for persons interested in obtaining their conceal handgun license (CHL) also known as carry conceal weapon (CCW). 

This is an 8 hour course, involving 6 hours of classroom instruction with an additional 2 hours of practical “live fire” training and range instruction.

There will be a written examination and a live fire qualifying to complete the course.

Cost is $125 for the class, ammunition is the only other expense, we can sell you ammo if you need it that day.



Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude Necessary to Shoot a Handgun Safely

  • Have an Understanding of Current Ohio Laws for CHL/CCW

  • Operation and Definition of Various Handguns

  • Firearm Safety

  • Ammunition Types and Handling

  • Basic Shooting Positions and Techniques

  • Maintenance

  • Storage

  • Identifying Firearm Malfunctions

  • Concealed Carrying Options

  • Use of Training Aids

Range Time

Targets will be provided.

Students should bring their own handgun.

If you don’t have one we can provide one for you, and if you would like to purchase one before the class please see one of our sales consultants before your class date.

If you have never purchased a firearm, please visit our store and we will help guide you toward a purchase or at least present options.

Also please feel free to stop in and see our classroom facilities and ask any questions you may have to help better prepare you for the upcoming class and any other needs.

How to Prepare

What to bring:

  • Current Valid State Photo Identification (driver license or ID card)

  • Lunch and snacks (we will have coffee and bottled water as well as a refrigerator and microwave for your use)

  • Comfortable attire and weather appropriate (some range events are outdoors – see date listing for details)

  • Handgun (optional, can be either a semi-automatic pistol or revolver)

  • 100 rounds of ammunition (if you don’t have any contact us ahead of the event and we can reserve ammo for your purchase)

  • Eye and Ear Protection (if you do not have these we can provide them)

  • Notepad and pen/pencil optional, however we will be covering a lot of topics during this class and we want to be sure to answer all of your questions

  • Holster optional, not necessary for the class however we will discuss types and options you may want to consider for future use