Do you know how to properly clean your handgun? Are you using the correct solvents, lube and brushes to be sure you don’t cause potential damage? Do you know what parts to check for wear and replacement? If you are second guessing any of these questions let us keep your handgun in top shape by using proper break down, safety checks, and cleaning techniques.

Prices as low as $20

Pistol cleaning $20, Long gun cleaning $30, Suppressor cleaning $15

guns that require extra time to disassemble usually $5 to $15 additional.


Step 1

We take apart your firearm either partially or fully depending on it's design to prepare it for thorough inside and out cleaning.

Step 2

A long bath in the Ultra-Sonic cleaner with the highest grade solvent from M-Pro 7.

For Aluminum parts we only use Aircraft quality cleaners.

Step 3

One more step in the thorough process of cleaning, mechanical hand scrubbing to remove any built up deposits or light rust.

Step 4

Final assembly, function check, and lubrication applied.

Frog Lube application $10 additional