More than just a assembling parts.


Let us put your parts on your gun the right way. Building an AR isn't as easy as it sounds. Installing sights requires expensive dedicated tools. Does your gun rattle? It went "click" but no "bang". What parts are really worth buying? These are the questions we deal with daily and can help you.



AR Builds

Whether its a trigger swap, handguard upgrade or a full on custom build, we can help you build the AR-15 you have always wanted. With a large variety of parts on hand, we can find what will help your AR reach its full potential.


Sight Installation

We have the tools to install sights on most popular handguns and rifles. We also have a excellent selection of different types of sights and can help you get the correct ones for your application. Please contact us for pricing for installation on your gun.


Malfunction Repairs

Malfunctions can be difficult to diagnose, don't throw money at unnecessary parts or wasted time on trial and errors, let us make it right and reliable.


Customizing for You

Not sure what you want but you are sure that you want it your way, that is what we do, we specialize in your needs, we build dream guns.